Working at Vaire Computing

Working at Vaire Computing

Our mission

At Vaire (rhymes with lair, by the way), we have a big goal: to become the standard for computer processors. And we’re looking for the world’s brightest and most ambitious minds to help us do it.

Our work

Traditional transistor logic has reached its limits and something needs to happen to go beyond the thermal limits that threaten the end of Moore’s law.

It’s not just important work. It’s work that could change the world, providing unimaginable leaps in information, computing power, and unleashing entirely new possibilities for humanity. It’s your chance to be a part of history, and use your skills to make an indelible mark on our future.

Who we’re looking for

We want people who can achieve what the industry deems impossible. That through their research and development can force a paradigm shift in computer science.

There’s a lot to do. Ready to get started?

You are:

  • high-agency, ambitious, hardworking EE with experience in chip design
  • the graduate of a top university (or researcher with exceptional results), with at least a couple of relevant papers under your belt
  • passionate about building the next generation of computing
  • obsessive and relentless in your work, stopping at nothing to find solutions
  • a mold breaker, looking at data with fresh eyes even when others disagree
  • a high-intensity worker, focused on results
  • ready to put in the hours to get the job done
  • consumed by your work and driven by our mission
  • collaborative and ego-free

We offer:

  • a place where you’ll be challenged and fulfilled
  • a chance to be part of a future Nobel Prize-winning team
  • freedom to choose your tools (or write your own)
  • flexibility to decide how to perform your research
  • competitive salary, plus equity packages that could be life-defining
  • equal UK/US paid time off (5.6 weeks)
  • remote or hybrid working at our London, Cambridge, Seattle, or SF Bay Area offices

If you are interested get in touch with a CV and a cover letter. Email is rodolfo @ domain name

About Vaire

We started Vaire in 2021, and are backed by 7percent Ventures (investors in Oculus, Flexport, Universal Quantum) and angels. We are a focused team based out of the UK (London, Cambridge) and US (SF Bay Area, Seattle).